Inarash Rinah

Protector of Aldivia


He is a God fearing brute, he is the Son of Inarash Arew. He stands over six feet tall. His favorite weapon is The Demon Hammer. He maintains the throne as Aldivia’s protector via intimidation and “divine right”.


His Father was a mighty protector after the Great Divide, many creatures came from the divide initially. These creatures were stomped out. After his father died, he assumed the throne. Anxious to prove himself he declared war with the country to the south figuring that he could win with his father’s forces and the amount of druids the might open the divide enough for his armies to sneak in. They were rebuffed mainly due to poor planning on Inarash Rinah part. So he retreated to lick his wounds. People tried to dethrone him after that; everyone that tried that was ceremoniously thumped on the head and had all of their hair burned off.

Inarash Rinah

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