Then the world was...

The world was warring and most souls were sent to their eternal sleep. Famine, plague and pestilence were always left in the wake of the armies. From the ranks of the armies arose many mighty warriors and terrible mages, they did not rise to stop the war, but to exterminate their enemies. In some armies bloodthirsty necromancers and soulless assassins rose to destroy nations from the inside out. Others turned to moral less scientists and brutal druids.

Finally arose the Devastating Dividers, as history would name them; It was a group of warriors, mages, scientists, druids and a necromancer. Together they planned to divide the world into pieces using the strength of warriors, the power of mages, the technology of the scientists, the wisdom of the druids and the chaos of the necromancer.

The plan was difficult and ambitious. They traveled the world setting up the scientists’s magic relay posts where the druids had told them nature was the strongest. Finally after they had all been erected, the mages and necromancer sent out a mighty spell, while draining the stamina of the warriors. The spell that would divide the world into nation and none could enter without the permission of the ruler. This divider would descend into of the world and rise to the heavens. Sending whoever tried to pass without permission into oblivion.

Unfortunately, during the casting many assassins attacked from the shadows, killing most of the mages and the necromancer. The casting went awry, the divider went to the core of the world, splitting it into pieces. Many times not following the course to the towers leaving some areas isolated.

The effects of the casting were wide spread. Many mages were killed because the divider went to them using them as the magic post. The divider sucked the necromancers soul into the divider leaving them as zombies. The scientist were blamed and many mobs rioted and destroyed their work and families or forced them into hiding. The druids could walk into the divider unharmed, so they were hunted down and enslaved, treated as beast of burden.

That was many years ago, but every child knows the story because now the divider is the place of nightmares. Creatures and people of different races came from the divide. Making the strongest and best at killing the leaders of society.

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