Creating a character

Creating a character is pretty simple it consists of five phases the first four are coming up with a backstory.

Phase – 1

You will write the intro to an little story (about eight sentences) from you past, you will introduce some sort of little adventure.

Phase -2

The next person will introduce them self into the story and add a problem.

Phase -3

The next person will be introduce and they will either make the problem worse or solve it.

Phase -4

The original person write the conclusion.

The Next step are stats figure out how long ago that story happened and what your age is currently, now go to here (in a new tab) use the eight sided dice and roll it 5 time. Now arrange the total number that you shook into the stats, then for each of you stat add your age to each of them. From the story I will give you options to choose from in you story. For example your character’s intro is:

“I was born with adventure in my bones, ever since I was five my father took me to his secret lab. I decided to conduct my first experiment, unsupervised when I was 10. I was going to make a shadow cloak.”

I would give you the option to choose extra 3 point to Intellect or upper middle class or acting. You would choose one and that would be part of your character. The first one is straight forward, upper middle class you would have resources and lab or get the acting ability which includes apprentice lying, novice distracting and novice acting (in this case if the story were different the skill level might be higher). If you tried to use any of those skills in a game the odds of you succeeding are higher.

Creating a character

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