When posting please post your base stat and the roll first in the following format.

Strength (stat) 45 + (roll) 15

Stamina (stat) 35 + (roll) 18

Intellect (stat) 50 + (roll) 10

Finesse (stat) 32 + (roll) 7

In combat: Please post each of the following

1 movement action: Within 30 feet.

1 Attack action: Within range

1 Verbal action: To yourself or those in hearing distance

Rolling website

Not in combat: Please post with each of the following

Please post all the question you are going to ask the character in the order you are going to ask.

Where you are headed and what you hope to accomplish.

*I am planning on responding once every seven days, unless all of the characters responded. If a player does not respond in the designated time period they will be skipped. Turn order does not matter. I.E I post on Monday every answers by Tuesday I will post on Wednesday if everyone except one person respond by Wednesday that one person will be skipped. *


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