Avenging Demon


She is the sole dweller of Demon’s Island, not much else is know about her.


There is a lot of stories about her. Before Demon’s island was called Demon’s island; Ten years before the Great Divide, it was known unofficially as Smuggler’s port for two reasons. First, because it was the main hub of illegal goods smuggler’s rings on the main land. Second is because their main import was port.

On the night of thier great festival, a group of naive bullied youth summoned a being too powerful. A being so evil that it slaughtered anyone that was on the island that night. Some people escaped the island, but they did not escape her. For four years after the summoning castels fell, fortesses tumbled and strongholds burned before her. Her reign of terror ended when she was harnessed and forced back to her island, by the great and powerful Inarash Arew.

After that she left the island once, it was after the Great Divide during the war between Aldivia and Tali. Tali had pushed the Aldivian forces back and were advancing into Aldivia with a large enough force to take control of Aldivia.

Just as Inarash Rinah was going to surrender. She came out of the darkness enveloped by fire. Single handed she drove the forces back into Tali leaving a trail of ash behind her.

After she gave Inarash Rinah his war hammer saying,“Whoever holds the hammer and defends Aldivia from the depths of Chaos in the divide should be its ruler.” With that she was once again swallowed in flames and was gone.

Avenging Demon

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