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  • Aldivia

    [[File:468420 | class=media-item-align-center | 625x351px | Aldivia.png]] *Most technology - Medieval* Shaping Force: Brawn Population: Entirely human *Politics* Political Structure: autocracy – hereditary - King Inarash Rinah Strong …

  • Inarash Rinah

    His Father was a mighty protector after the Great Divide, many creatures came from the divide initially. These creatures were stomped out. After his father died, he assumed the throne. Anxious to prove himself he declared war with the country to the south …

  • Minotaur

    These creatures started showing up from the barrier; originally there were large groups, slowly they started coming singly.

  • Dire Wolves

    There were regular wolves until the barrier. the wolves intermingled with local wolf population or killed them off. The locals are unsure.

  • Avenging Demon

    There is a lot of stories about her. Before Demon's island was called Demon's island; Ten years before the Great Divide, it was known unofficially as Smuggler's port for two reasons. First, because it was the main hub of illegal goods smuggler's rings on …