Most technology – Medieval

Shaping Force: Brawn
Population: Entirely human


Political Structure: autocracy – hereditary – King Inarash Rinah
Strong Influence: religion
Popular Issue: ethics
Stability: shaky – basically can fight your way to the top.
Personal Freedoms: repressed
Scandals: very common
Foreign Relations: bad


Main Export: trained animals – and druids.
Main Import: cash crops – from land to the south.
Main Resource: mining – gems
Trade: slight deficeit
Strength: stable and improving
Wealth: spread throughout upper and middle classes

Main Climate: temperate – plains
Mountains: none
Frequent Trouble: hurricanes/tornadoes
Wilderness: 90%
Wild Animals: ubiquitous
Natural Resources: scarce


Highly Values: ethics
Known For: a specific scientific discipline
Popular Entertainment: politics
Respected Profession: merchant
Discrimination: religion-based

Major Taboo: eye contact
Major Social Ill: bribery


Strength: strong
Focus: air
Main Unit: zeppelins
Soldiers: hired mercenaries
Main Use: defense – tried conquest before.
Rank: via family ties


Occurence: very common
Source: runs in families
Major Use: personal combat
Viewed: with respect
Enchanted Items: very common


Type: monotheism
Focus: miracles or mighty feats
Worship: solemn personal meditation
Associated Artform: painting/murals mostly battles or the dividers.
Prevalence: believed by most
Holidays: few


Urban: 28%
Rural: 72%
Literacy Rate: 5%
Gender Ratio: 0.8 male(s)/female
Fertility Rate: 6 children/family
Life Expectancy: 39.7 years

Other Religion Smaller

Type: monotheism (very matriarchal)
Direction: inwards
Focus: achieving a better afterlife

Deity: The Goddess of Peace
Titles: The Diplomat, The Lady
Divine Interaction: only with leaders/clergy
Clergy: Few

Involves: many holy sites
Afterlife: has interesting geography and can be reached by the living, with effort
Supernatural: considered misleading dislike magic

Worship: solemn group prayer, mostly on holidays
Holidays: very many
Holidays Celebrate: prophets, great rulers, great priests, new moons, past revelations, saints, martyrs,full moons
Major Holiday(s): involve great feasts

Cultural Aspects

Symbol: a representation of a person and a representation of a body part (head, foot, etc)
Holy Color: mint
Passed Down: via a few holy books with little commentary
Creation Myth Type: dismemberment
Mortals’ Origin: ashes

Major Myth/Symbol(s): the well/spring, creation, the quest
Deadly Sins: lust and blasphemy

High Virtues: thoughtfulness, wisdom and piety
Associated Artform: painting/murals

Coming of Age: 15 years old (females only)
Coming of Age Rite: involves leading a public ceremony

Marriage: happens after prolonged courtship
Marriage Rites: include an exchange of symbolic jewelry
Death Rites: involve extensive eulogies

Major Taboo: death

Prevalence: believed by few
Outsiders: are discriminated against


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